White paper


Ever since Bitcoin’s inception, my journey has revolved around understanding cryptocurrencies. In these 14 years, the crypto realm has seen an explosion of diverse and robust coins and tokens.

Yet, amidst this growth, the rise of scams, hacks, and dubious projects has been alarming. It begs the question: Is this the vision Nakamoto had for humanity?

Advancements in programming and development continue to push teams worldwide to create more accessible real-time crypto solutions for everyone.

Do you manage your crypto through a wallet or a trading platform? If it’s the latter, your platform-provided wallet holds the keys. Or perhaps you opt for a Decentralized Crypto Wallet? Safety is the primary concern here.

Our team is dedicated to fortifying the security of your crypto wallets, using blockchain capabilities to enhance protection.

Do you diversify your crypto across different wallets? And do you know when it’s ideal to buy or sell? Our new AI technology can alert you to any notable activities, aiding in decision-making or even autonomously executing trades.

Generating passive income through trading can be daunting. Traders discuss indicators, strategies like MACD or RSI, but life’s demands often hinder diving deep into these complexities.

AI can simplify this. It aids in devising effective strategies. We offer demo tests to showcase AI’s potential for those hesitant to embrace it.

NFTs are booming! Each day introduces new digital art projects. We’re set to launch our unique NFTs, intending to redefine their significance.

A user-friendly marketplace is pivotal in the crypto sphere. We’re dedicated to creating an intuitive platform for seamless transactions.

Looking ahead, we’re focused on innovative concepts—staking, farming, and lending—which represent the next phase in crypto evolution, reimagining how we interact within this landscape.

  • The prospective clients’ biggest necessities and concerns revolve around:
    • Safety and security of their cryptocurrency assets.
    • Understanding the intricacies of cryptocurrency trading and the complexities involved.
    • The need for simplified and user-friendly solutions in the crypto space.
    • Making informed decisions in trading without requiring extensive knowledge of trading indicators and strategies.
    • Having access to innovative technologies like AI for assistance in decision-making.
    • The emergence and significance of NFTs in the digital art market.
  • The document addresses several key issues and proposes solutions:
    • Safety and security concerns regarding cryptocurrency assets and wallets are acknowledged, and efforts to enhance security levels using blockchain technology are highlighted.
    • The challenges faced by individuals with limited time and expertise to delve into complex trading strategies are recognized, with a proposed solution of utilizing AI to assist in decision-making.
    • The increasing presence of scams, hacking incidents, and fake projects in the crypto market is identified as a concern, prompting the need for better security measures and vigilance.
    • The introduction of NFTs into the digital art market is acknowledged, hinting at the company’s intention to create its unique NFTs and add value to this space.
    • The desire for a user-friendly marketplace in the cryptocurrency domain is acknowledged, emphasizing the importance of ease in transactions.
    • Future plans are hinted at, such as exploring innovative concepts like staking, farming, and lending, suggesting a forward-thinking approach in the company’s strategy.
Token structure

Distibution of Tokens

XGROK Coin is a platform for the future of funding that is built on top of the BNB blockchain. Helping its community to grow and make the best profit from trading.

Our clients – both corporate and private ones – can enjoy wallet Services, Margin Trading, Liquidity Provision, Algorithmic Trading, Token Launch Services, API and Trading Tools, Staking and Yield Farming, Education and Research, Regulatory Compliance Services.
By time we will cater to the diverse needs of cryptocurrency investors, traders, and blockchain projects. These services often evolve alongside the rapidly changing crypto landscape and technological advancements within the industry.

  • 75% Distribute to Community

  • 7% Founders and Team

  • 10% Reserved Funding

  • 5% Advertising

  • 3% Airdrop

  • 2% Advisors

  • 1% Bounty campaign

Distribution # token
Pre-sale 20% 20,000,000
Sold during Token Sale 20% 20,000,000
Rewards Pool 10% 10,000,000
Sold on the Platform 50% 50,000,000
Founding Team (3 years Vesting Period) 5% 5,000,000
Ambassadors & Token Sale Bounties 5% 5,000,000